About D

I love small companies with big missions. And I know, from my own experience at Teach For America and Skillshare, that their impact is dependent upon stellar, committed teams.

So, I help early-stage startups define the cultural values and practices that they need to have in place to build the teams that will build their visions for change in the world.

At Teach For America, I traveled the country, convincing our country’s top college graduates to join the movement to eliminate educational inequity. While I was at TFA, I learned the ins and outs of rigorous, highly personalized recruiting and interview processes. I also designed ongoing learning & development programs for our hundreds of campus interns nationwide and our 250+ recruitment team members.

As the 2nd employee at Skillshare, I joined in an everything-non-product role and learned the ins and outs of building a business, community, and team from the ground up. Most recently, I built the recruiting, onboarding, and culture playbooks and helped quintuple the size of team.

I’m currently consulting on early market development + people / culture for early stage startups. I’m also working on a community and resource for early stage employees.

In my consulting, I focus on the following but am always interested in hearing about team and community building projects:

  • mission / vision / core values creation (or revamp)
  • interview process creation and training
  • retreat / offsite planning and facilitation (for leadership development, company bonding, etc.)
  • early market development (i.e., user research, ID’ing value proposition, initial tests / programs)

You can read more about my experience + what others have thought of my work on LinkedIn and you can peruse my slideshows / videos / articles here. I also tweet and use Instagram.