So, Tell Me About Yourself: how to craft and share your story

by danyaneering

You know when you sit down for a job interview and the dreaded, inevitable conversation starter – a deceivingly simple and friendly one, at that – is, “So, tell me about yourself”?  And you know how you blurt out a response that’s part job history, part personal hobbies, mostly ramble?  Or, what about when you finally decide/resign yourself/get up the courage to create an online dating profile, and then you stare at your screen in total intimidation and fear for a few minutes because you can’t possibly perfect an online representation of yourself in a few pithy paragraphs and untrue-to-life photos?

I know it’s not easy for most people to talk themselves up – it feels like bragging, it’s too personal, it feels like it should be easier than it is…but it just isn’t.  Honestly, I feel pretty damn comfortable talking about my professional trajectory, my personal interests, and pretty much have no filter, in general, but I’m also an admittedly stereotypical oldest child with a blog called “Danyaneering.”  Even still, I’ve spent my fair share of time obsessing over how to succinctly summarize the most humbly impressive and logical narrative I can for a job or grad school interview or how to find the right balance between hot/cute, smart/fun, mature/spontaneous (and the list goes on) for an online dating profile (such an over-analysis trap!).

My story is still unfolding, but as a high-performing Danyaneer-er, former Teach For America recruiter, one-time business school applicant, and forever evolving and curious individual, I’ve come to some pretty solid conclusions about how to craft a narrative that’s appealing and productive.

NEXT STEPS FOR NEW YORKERS: For those of you in NYC, sign up to attend to my Skillshare class, “So, Tell Me About Yourself: how to craft and share your story,” on Sun., May 15, at 4 PM.  I’d love to see you there!

This is a class that’s great for high school students applying to college, professionals figuring out how to make sense of a career switch, friends who’ve been saying they want to try online dating (and have been saying so for months but just don’t seem to be getting around to starting…), or a grandparent who’s interested in writing a life history for posterity’s sake but doesn’t know where to begin.

NEXT STEPS FOR NON-NEW YORKERS: For non-New Yorkers, I’ll be sure to share notes post-class!  Would be much appreciated if you’d share the link to the class with your friends in the area, though 🙂

ALL: If you’ve got a great spiel down OR you have a tricky life history that you’d like help brainstorming about, please share!  If you’d like, I’ll even use your example in my class!