by danyaneering

Music is me – couldn’t live without it.

I could say “Ladysmith Black Mambazo” before I could put a sentence together, grew up thinking that every kid knew how to change a record and that everyone’s parents had bookshelves filled with more records than books (ok, just one particular bookshelf…), took every music culture class in college and thought about creating an Ethnomusicology major (Wash U only had it for grad students) until I realized I didn’t want to sit around all day transcribing, interned at and still volunteer for Afropop Worldwide (, and always prefer listening to music rather than the news as I get ready for work in the morning.

As a whole bunch of you know, I send out semi-regular music updates.  I’m thinking that it’s still worthwhile to send the email blasts, since I love getting year-in-review film recommendation lists and other such gifts from friends in my inbox and I selfishly love the feedback and recommendations I often get in response to my blasts…BUT, I also want these recommendations to live on and be accessible beyond the quick messages I send, so I’m going to add them to the “tunes” page on my blog, too.  Check out the page for an archive of past blasts…

Would love to know what you think – email blast AND blog?  Just one or the other?  Couldn’t care less either way and just want to boogie down?  All comments encouraged.