Danya: a How-To Guide

by danyaneering

Danya: a How-To Guide

Since we’re still in the early stages of our blog writer/reader relationship, I’m going to go ahead and share another post that’s all about me-me-me.  Really, though, I thought twice about sharing this, since I’ve already written two posts that I think of as get-to-know-me ones, but I figured since Danyaneering is still fresh and I’m inviting new people to view it every day, it might be worth giving you a bit more insight into…me!  I’ll probably move this link on over to the About D page for future use, but it’s up front and center today.

HUGE thanks to Gadi Rouache for helping bring this fun project to life.  I like to think of Gadi as my very own, personal Design & Innovation Director, providing inspiration (aaaaand honest critiques) for me all the way.  Check out this link and tell me how you could possibly disagree with his awesomeness: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gadi-rouache/7034-miles-in-the-bamabus_b_157109.html.

P.S. – I haven’t forgotten about the post that divulges the many times I have NOT gotten what I wanted, despite my danyaneering.  Will share soon!

P.P.S. – Thank you to Nicole Griffith, my wonderful managing director, who passed along The Three Gs to me early this year.  She is an incredible embodiment of them, and I thank her for her wisdom!