Intro to Danyaneering

by danyaneering



to plan, finagle, or carry through by skillful or artful contrivance; to design or create using the methods of Danya: Somehow, she danyaneered her way into getting a pair of $400 custom kicks for $90…and he let her pick the design. -or- She just danyaneered her way into getting that karaoke bar to extend its Happy Hour for 2 hours and for $2 less than normal for our entire team.


chutzpadik, ballsy, in control, risk-inclined, charmingly (and, sometimes, unjustifiably) self-confident: Did you see how danyaneering she just was?  She didn’t know anyone in the room when we got here, and she’s already got the host of the party introducing her to arriving guests.

It pretty much sucks when your friends talk about you behind your back.  When a friend snidely dropped in conversation that I had just been “so danyaneering,” and I looked back at her, confused and out of the loop, we both knew the cat was out of the bag.  For a moment, she hemmed and hawed, attempted to backtrack, and awkwardly glanced away.  And, then, we laughed.  Peed in our pants laughed.  Fell off our chairs laughed.  Hugged each other, rolling around on the floor, loving how well we knew each other laughed.

It turns out my friends had been using the term “danyaneering” in private – well, just without me there – for months.  It’s a loose combination of Danya (my name) + domineering + engineering + commandeering (and others I may still be unaware of).  After the initial pang of hurt I felt at the thought of being left out of their in joke about me, I actually swelled up in pride and love for these friends who knew me so well and who had just given a name to my personal pizzaz.  Danyaneering.  Danya.   Neering.  Danyaneeeeering.  It could mean so many things!  Be more than one kind of figure of speech!  This was perfect.  I could finally describe that feeling I got when I entered a room of new people and started thinking of all the things I might have in common with them so that, once we met and became fast friends, I could introduce them to each other, creating a social web of connectees.  I could finally put into words the skill I possessed that made me the go-to person at work and amongst my friends for getting special deals, bargains, and exceptions to pretty much any rule.  For once, I could put a name to the emotion I felt – a mixture of guilt and success – when I shared an instant crush with a friend, but I approached him first, believing in the old adage, “you hesitate, you lose.”  I co-opted the term and reclaimed it for myself…and now we all agree, it couldn’t describe me better.

This blog is inspired by danyaneering – the risks I take in life and work, the funny situations I find myself in, the things I do to make my friends and family supremely happy or furious, the interesting and unexpected people whom I meet.  I’m not sure how my posts will shake out on a week to week or day to day basis, but this will also be a space for me to share all of the other things that make me who I am: the fashion I absolutely love and often can’t afford (sample sales, ahoy!), the words I know to be pliable and easily manipulated to mean so many things and to achieve many goals, the ideas I learn of and become obsessed with, the music that makes me think (or bust a move)…

Stay tuned, but watch out. You might get danyaneered.